The Hooman

"I work hard so my cats can have a better life."


Tonya Hall, Purr-prietor


Ever since I was a wee lass, I have been grooming myself to be the current cat lady that I am. After 40+ years, my grandmother and mother still make sure to give me cat-themed birthday cards, which I treasure! (Thanks, Nani and mom!)

Although I have always been creative and artsy, I stumbled upon sewing in college. After many years of practice, I became a fairly decent quilter. An entrepreneur at heart, I spent a few years trying to figure out how I can marry my love of fabric with my love of cats and lo and behold, The Spicy Purrito was born!


I have felt so fulfilled running this business. I meet so many wonderful people who share stories about their kitties. I'm honored to have you entrust me with entertaining your felines!

Biscuits and purrs,


The Mew Crew
"Cats rule the world."

Oscar - Mom's lap warmer